About me

I am a self-starter who can plan, control and monitor a range of services and initiatives, present customised solutions to meet business requirements and ensure projects follow strategic business direction. I am capable of communicating complex informations and ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences. I have strong analytical skills, a detailed technical knowledge and experience of leading technical projects.

In my 10+ years experience I have been exploring, experimenting and embracing many software stacks. I worked extensively with JVM related tools and languages, relational and NoSQL DBMS, web frontend and backend technologies; delivering software products where performance under heavy load, high-availability and usability where key constraints.

I love spending free time with my children, motorbike riding and eating the authentic mozzarella di bufala campana. I develop small personal software projects for fun and I participate in local tech communities.

I am based in Milan, Italy. Read my Curriculum Vitae


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