Instasaver for Firefox

Instasaver is the Firefox add-on for the Instapaper avid user.

UPDATED on 26/01/2015 - new bugfix release available on Mozilla add-ons

Instasaver lets you easily submit pages to to the service

Instasaver in action

If you don’t like the urlbar button, you may use the additional toolbar button or right click on the page or use a keyboard shortcut. The new (1.7) version gets a minimal look and less verbose notifications, you may go back to the old style in preferences if you prefer.

I developed Instasaver as an alternative to the official bookmarlet, because I do not use the Firefox bookmark bar.

Keyboard shortcuts

Available keyboard shortcuts:

  • SHIFT + ALT + I, submit current page URL to
  • SHIFT + ALT + R, display webpage content in read mode
  • SHIFT + ALT + G, go to website


Before submitting any URL, you should configure Instapaper credentials into the preference dialog. As said before, the new (1.7) version offers more customization options:


Additional toolbar button is available via the toolbar customization page:

Toolbar customization


You can install

[Instasaver 1.7 on Firefox add-ons]( "Download Instasaver from Firefox add-on website")

or download the extension XPI or build from source.


1.7.5 - 23/01/2015

  • fixed issues #4 and #5

1.7.2 - 01/08/2014

  • fixed: unable to save username/password on Mac OSX

1.7.1 - 30/07/2014

  • fixed no error shown if the instapaper service request returns a status code not in bundle (eg. no internet)

1.7.0 - 24/06/2014

  • fixed “Context menu not displaying”
  • urlbar icon gives feedback on URL submission success
  • urlbar icon can be hidden
  • desktop notifications on URL submission success are disabled by default
  • new look for icons (old style urlbar icon can be enabled in preferences)

1.6.2 - 27/08/2011

  • firefox 8 compatibility check
  • fixed “Unable to verify credentials on Instapaper”

1.6.1 - 27/08/2011

  • Firefox 6.0 compatibility

1.6 - 17/07/2011

  • revamped notifications (now system wide)
  • support for Firefox password manager (to fix intermittent problems with user/password not saved under Windows XP)


What users say (extracted from my old blog):

Thank you for developing this extension and making it available for free James - 2011-03-16 14:15

Exceptional extension - contrary to the Firefox addons site: works for me on Firefox 6.0.2 -yup, sure does. leeleblanc - 2011-09-19 21:04

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On the Firefox add-ons site, Instasaver rating is four (out of five) star.

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