Instasaver for Sailfish OS

A minimalist and open source Instapaper client for Sailfish OS. You are now able to submit web pages to from your Jolla phone.

UPDATED on 10/07/2014 - info about the ver 1.0 and new screenshots


Instasaver allows you to submit an URL both in the main dialog or from the active cover page.

Main dialog

Extract url from clipboard

Active cover page

When you use the cover page, URL is automatically extracted from clipboard (eg. link in a tweet copied from Tweetian). Do not forget to setup your Instapaper username and password in the settings dialog.

Settings menu

Settings dialog

Other screenshots

The cover page and of the URL extraction menu.

Settings dialog

About dialog

Known issues

Instasaver works for me but may not work for you:

  • Instapaper credentials are required, but password storage is insecure.
  • the integration is very simple, bookmark sync is not implemented


1.0 - 08/07/2014

  • Application is always activated on URL submission from cover to correctly detect Clipboard changes
  • Consistent dialog handling
  • New preference: Minimize app on submission success
  • code refactoring

0.2 - 28/06/2014

  • if no URL in clipboard When submitting from cover, the main dialog is activated (can be disabled in preferences)
  • Added an option to always popup the main dialog when submitting from cover
  • Instapaper API request timeouts after 8 seconds (eg. if no internet)
  • Enhanced notification readability

0.1 - 22/06/2014

  • First release

How to get it

Instasaver is available on the official Jolla store.

If you prefer, you can either build it from source or download the RPM (ver. 1.0).

Installing the RPM package is quite easy: if you download it from the phone, just click on the related entry in the transfer list.

Thanks to…

I borrowed some ideas from:

Your feedback

Among possible future enhancements I see:

  • add an option to share from the default web browser rather than copy/pasting (I do not think this is possible at the moment, please let me know if I am wrong)
  • use Instapaper API KEY and OAuth in place of the simple API

Any feedback is welcome.