Webterm, a real-time remote unix shell in Node.js

Webterm is a proof-of-concept realtime remote UNIX shell. You start it on your server and you are able to control your remote machine from a web browser.

You are able to input commands that are executed on the remote host (as in SSH connected shell).

Webterm in a browser

Webterm is a nodejs web-app running on server and accepting command via the served web-page.

Webterm server running

Update (04/03/2014): a more complete example of terminal in a web browser is available here

Known limitations and security issues Link to heading

Interactive commands (eg. sudo that requires additional input, vim, top) are NOT supported.

Please DO NOT try this on public servers without some form of auth protection (eg. HTTP auth). Be aware that anyone that will be able to execute commands on your server with the privilege of the user that started the node.js process.

Repository Link to heading

Please feel free to clone and hack, source code is available here